is a unique blend of Team Fortress 2 and a computer security contest. Teams are made up of 6 TF2 players and 4 hackers, TF2 players duke it out while hackers are busy solving puzzles. As teams start scoring they can redeem points in the hack fortress store for bonuses. Bonuses range from crits for the TF2, lighting the opposing team on fire, or preventing the other teams hackers from accessing the store.
1. Teams are comprised of no more than 6 TF2 players, 4 hackers, and 1 optional position of runner.
2. Preliminary and semi final rounds are 30 minutes each, the final is 45 minutes.
3. The tournament runs as single elimination.
4. All teams must register a team captian as a point of contact, members of pickup teams must give contact info.
5. Teams that are later than 10 minutes for a match and not responding to phone calls and email will be disqualified.
6. TF2 hardware is provided, Hackers must supply their own hardware, said hardware must be capable of connecting to a wired network


2009 - The Shmoobs
2010 - Mobile Disco
2011 - Penn State
2012 - Penn State/Pwn State
2013 - Team Zelda
2014 - Jolly & Friends
2015 - Mobile Disco


2009 - Name of winning team has been lost to the ages
2010 - No HackFortress :(
2011 - Team Zelda
2012 - Team Zelda
2013 - Jolly & Friends
2014 - Jolly & Friends
2015 - Team Not Ready For This

Email: hf-contact at shmoo.com
Twitter: tf2shmoo